• Translation service Bangla to English
    Translation service Bangla to English

Fastest Translation from Bangla to English and other language by the highly professional translator with language background.

VoiceLSP (ভয়েসএলএসপি) is a Language Service Provider. Therefore, it offers best-in-class Translation – অনুবাদ, Transcription – প্রতিলিপি, Proofreading & Editing – প্রুফরিডিং ও সম্পাদনা in English and Bangla,  plus other major languages (multiple-pages and large volume only).

Experienced translator with language background

With decade-long engagement in the profession, we know most translation centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, do not keep up the translation quality.

Furthermore, most translation firms here have no qualified translators with language background. Consequently, their typist-cum-translators give you just a sub-standard quality. Unlike them, VoiceLSP has seasoned translators with language background.

Best-in-class translation from Bangla/Bengali to English plus in Dhaka, Bangladesh

VoiceLSP renders best-in-class translation service. It has professionals with industry-specific expertise. Above all, we set translation and localization industry standard with unparalleled service.

Translation in over 40 major languages including Bengali/Bangla to English

To summarize, VoiceLSP provides translation in over 40 major languages. For example, it provides translation from Bangla/Bengali to English, English to Bengali, English/Bengali to Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Hindi, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and other language combinations.

Largest corporate customer base in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Furthermore, VoiceLSP has the largest corporate customer base in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It provides service to locally and internationally renowned companies and organizations, for example, MNCs, donor and humanitarian agencies, NGOs/GOs.

To see some respected clients, please see Clientele page.

Ready professional translator to cope with emergency

Suppose, you’ve bulky papers for translation but, compared to that, you’ve so limited time in hand. If you’re in urgent need for translation, transcription and editing, please contact us. We keep a number of fastest and ready translators in town to cope with an emergency. Once we make a delivery commitment, we just keep it (force-majure excluded). We understand the customer may have important deadlines to pursue his/her purposes with this translation work.

Voluminous translation handled in emergency occurrence

VoiceLSP targets translation in huge volumes. Hence, 1 or 2 page isn’t our target. Our target is bulky document, complex in nature that poses challenge on us to prove our ability. For more on this, please visit Voluminous translation.

Fastest translation service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

We’re the Fastest. We love to handle emergency assignment. We complete emergency assignment with same accuracy.

Translation tailor-made for Visa and foreign purposes

For obtaining the visa or foreign purposes in particular, we offer a complete solution package with proper documentation keeping. To summarize, firstly, our professional translator carefully translates your set of documents, then secondly, that translations are  printed on VoiceLSP’s letterhead pad, then thirdly, that translator puts his/her signature and seal on the translation in letterhead, then fourthly, a credible Notary Public attests the translated and the whole set of documents.

In this carefully processed formalities, we have to maintain some procedures, particularly, for the benefit of the customers. To sum up, we enclose the photocopy of the source document with the translated document. Then we complete them with the necessary seals on it, such as, translated from the original or photocopy seal, seen original or photocopy seal, translator’s certificate and seal, document identification number (in case the visa or foreign offices inquire about the documentation or any related information).

Documents we specially prefer to translate from Bangla/Bengali to English

Trade and business document; book, magazine; report and research paper; government law, rules and regulations; banking  and private firm/NGO; legal, financial, administrative and accounting; print and electronic media paper clipping, court, land and immigration papers.

Highly competitive prices for translation from Bangla/Bengali to English

We maintain highly competitive price in the market. Price ranges from BDT1.50 to BDT4.00/PER LATIN WORD COUNT depending on the subject of source language.

Superior quality translation with basic proofreading

We provide quality-assured translation in Bangla/Bengali to English, ready-to-use with, of course, basic proofreading/editing included. (For full-scale proofreading/editing, we’ve extra charge.)

Strict Confidentiality

Particularly, VoiceLSP believes maintaining strict confidentiality is supreme. It, therefore, never compromises about confidentiality. VoiceLSP understands it’s extremely important to maintain confidentiality and integrity of information to earn trust of customers. As a result, we’ve clear-cut policy about confidentiality. Please read our Data confidentiality.

Best Transcription service in Bengali/Bangla to English

Transcription is a written record of music or audio/video media. Transcription is the conversion of spoken words into writing.

Direct Translation from music or audio/video media

We take your foreign language audio/video file, and transcribe and translate it into a single document.

Transcription and Translation made together

We take your audio/video file in a foreign language, and transcribe into the original source language. Afterwards, we translate the written transcript into English or other languages. You receive two documents, one of each language.

Basic Same Language Transcription. It consists of transcribing the source text only.
Standard Translated Transcription. It consists of translating and transcribing in one step, we transcribe the Target language only.

Source and Target Transcription. It consists of both the above.

Interpreting service from Bengali/Bangla to English and reverse

Our interpreter processes your foreign language audio file and produces an audio file in English or Bengali/Bangla. There is no written document included.

Best Proofreading and Editing in Bengali/Bangla to English

VoiceLSP offers proofreading and editing service in English and Bengali. With number of editing professionals, we are particularly able to pair documents with editors who may have experience in your academic discipline. With our experience and over thousands of clients served with proofreading, we have earned our reputation as a leading provider of English and Bengali proofreading and editing service.

Home Delivery service

In brief, our Doorstep/Home Delivery service by hand is limited to Dhaka City. However, we provide the Courier/Postal delivery both in and outside Dhaka. Please note that we provide Doorstep/Home taking and making Delivery in Dhaka City only while we have courier/postal delivery option both in and outside Dhaka city. We’ve Service Charges BDT200 to 500 for this given the distance. For more on this, please see Home delivery.

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Trusted notary public attestation

Especially, VoiceLSP has reliable Notary Public and other attestations.

Attestation by a Notary Public on translated documents is mandatory  for submitting to the Embassies or foreign offices, especially, for Visa purpose. We have dedicated and reliable Notary Public service.

Therefore, the customers need to be highly cautious about such attestation services from the unfamiliar sources.

Legal Disclaimer

“While reasonable efforts are made to provide most accurate translation, portions may be incorrect for human errors. Some terms, terminologies and other items including, but not limited to, technical, graphic features, etc may not be properly translated. Some applications and/or services may not work as expected when translated due to language barriers.

Errors, omissions, ambiguities or incorrectness in translation can be reviewed with oral or written apology if brought to VoiceLSP’s attention within reasonable time, usually within a week from delivery. No liability is assumed by VoiceLSP for any such errors, omissions, ambiguities or incorrectness in the translation.

Individual or entity relying on translated content does so at their own risk. VoiceLSP does not take liability for losses caused by reliance on accuracy or reliability of translated information.”

If our valued customers like to report a translations issue, we encourage them to please contact us officially, in writing, or using our official email: voicelsp@yahoo.com. For verbal complaint, please call 0191-4321-009.


In conclusion, VoiceLSP is widely known in all popular areas of Dhaka City. VoiceLSP is the translation agency/service/company/centre known in areas, such as, Adabor, Azampur, Badda, Bangsal, Cantonment, Chowkbazar, Dainik Bangla, Demra, Dhanmondi, Farmgate, Gandaria, Gulshan, Hazaribagh, Jatrabari, Kadamtali, Kafrul, Kakrail, Kalabagan.

Moreover, VoiceLSP is also known in areas, particularly, in Kamrangirchar, Khilgaon, Khilkhet, Kotwali (Dhaka), Lalbagh, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Motijheel, New Market, Old Dhaka, Pallabi, Paltan, Panthapath, Ramna, Rampura, Sabujbagh, Shahbag, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Shyampur, Sutrapur, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Tejgaon, Uttar Khan, Uttara, Vatara and Wari areas of the capital.

Furthermore, we excel in Bengali to English Translation (বাংলা থেকে ইংরেজি অনুবাদ). We’re the fastest Translator of English-Bangla.

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We care…. Really.