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We translate Arabic to English by our best Arabic to English translator in Dhaka

Best Arabic to English translation service in Dhaka

In Bangladesh, many people including youngsters are going to ME countries including Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there is demand for Arabic to English translation in Dhaka Bangladesh. For these reasons, people are in need of translating the documents in Arabic language. Therefore, people are searching on internet Arabic to English, Arabic to English translation, Arabic translator, google translate Arabic to English, in Arabic to English, google translate Arabic to English, Arabic to English translation sentences. With your search for Arabic to English translation services, you may discover us online. You just make a telephone call and we do the rest. We also have home delivery service for your translation or other related translation services you may need.

We have further analyzed online queries of people for Arabic to English translation services in Dhaka Bangladesh which indicate that most of the people search with their needs like dictionary Arabic to English, Arabic to English google translate, translate hello to Arabic, Arabic to bangla translation, bangla to Arabic translation, translate Arabic to bangla for which we have introduced this translation service in Dhaka fully online, which is just a phone call away.

Why you should choose us for quality translation service in Dhaka?

  • Long experience in translation service in Dhaka
  • Prepare property valuations and affidavits for Embassy
  • Experienced notary public services and free consultations
  • Experienced translator with language background
  • Large corporate customer base
  • Know how document translation services in Dhaka suits your purpose
  • Translation is given on plain page or our company letterhead pad as required for your purpose
  • Source document is attached to the translated page
  • Given our ‘Service No.’ on the documents for possible inquiry from Embassies
  • Translator signs with seal
  • Notary public attests with seal
  • Help for Ministry, Court, Embassy attestation services
  • We deliver a complete ready document to you
  • Online order & home delivery

Translation cost

BDT500-1000 only per a4 size page. Excluding home delivery. For more price related information please go to translation price.

We provide translation for the following documents:

 Family document translation

Nikah Nama, Marriage certificate translation, Divorce Notice, Succession Certificate, Relationship Certificate, Family Certificate, Birth certificate translation, Affidavit regarding Hindu Marriage, Succession Certificate, Deed of Will, Death Certificate etc, Domicile Papers

Land document translation

Deed Summary, Deed Details, Mutation, Khatian, Mutation Recommendation Proposal, DCR, Land Tax, Development Tax, Holding Tax, Conveyance Deed, Conditional Deed, Sale Deed, Agreement

Legal document translation

Decree and Judgement, Affidavit, Agreement, Power of Attorney

Educational document translation

Educational certificate translation, Marks Sheet, Admit Card, birth certificate translation in Dhaka

Government document translation

Trade Licence translation, notification, gazette translation, government document translation

Business document translation

Book, Literature, Technical, Medical, Specialized non-traditional document, Govt S.R.O, Notification, Gazette, Rules, Acts, Laws, MSDS, Memorandum, By-Law, Marketing booklet, Service rules, Machinery handbook, Pharmaceutical literature.

Go beyond Arabic to English translation service in Dhaka. Translate in over 70 languages of the world

We translate English, Bengali, Arabic, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Arabic, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Latin, Malay, Burmese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and other languages of the world.

Our experience shows that public and private organizations alike want fast first-rate service at reasonable rates. Our translators are qualified and experienced, and use the latest cutting-edge tools such as online dictionaries, terminology databases, etc. Our promise is that you will have a personalized experience with a high qualified team of experts focused on the success of your project. Our services are tailored specifically to you which will ensure that your project has the very possible outcome.

Unlike other translation and interpreting companies, we are driven by our internal linguistic expertise, understanding and of course passion for language. We combine our knowledge with our outstanding customer care to provide each customer with a bespoke and internationally recognized service.

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