Seeking Political Asylum

We prepare political asylum papers namely;

  • Fact drafting
  • Witness affidavit
  • Medical paper
  • Political paper
  • All paper English and Bengali
  • Notarization
  • Others as required.

Those people who want to visit the US due to fear of prosecution in their home countries may apply while they are outside the country and will be eligible for refugee immigration status. The prosecution can be for any reasons like religion, race, nationality, membership in a social group or political view.

Foreign nationals who have stayed in the US for less than a year are eligible for seeking political asylum. This asylum status can be held indefinitely. One year after the alien is granted political asylum, the person is provided opportunity to apply for permanent resident’s visa or green card. The work authorization for those, holding political asylum status should be renewed each year.

Benefits for the Family

Immediate family members of the person will also be eligible for the asylum status. They can enjoy privileges such as work authorization and others as long as they have name in the asylum application. The name of the member can be included in the application even if he or she is not present at the time of application.

What documents one will need to file political asylum application?

For asylum petition applicant need to submit documents like:

• Birth certificate of the foreign national or other forms of identification.
• Certificate of marriage (if the applicant wants to apply along with spouse).
• Copy of passport and I-94 for all alien who are already in the US.
• Evidence of relationship if the immigrant wants to apply for children under the age of 21 years.
• 3 passport size photos on white background for each petitioner.
• Affidavit by the person stating the problems in their home country and why they cannot return their
supporting documents that are required for asylum petition are:
• Newspaper articles that will demonstrate prosecution of asylum class.
• Medical reports showing abuse of petitioners, members of family or others.
• Death certificates of family members or others.
• US Department report on the country of petitioner.
• Human rights report supporting situation of petitioner’s country.
• Police report proving violence in the petitioner’s country.
• Proof of membership in asylum class in petitioner’s home country.
• Any other documents that demonstrate prosecution in the petitioner’s country of origin.

The foreign national has to gather all these information and file I-589 application. The US Immigration Service will schedule an interview for the foreign national. After the interview it will be decided whether the asylum visa status can be granted to the alien or not.

How to Prepare Your Declaration

Your written statement (declaration) should explain in detail why you left your home country and why you are afraid to return there. You are not required to include it with your asylum application, but it will help the Asylum Officer better understand why you are applying for asylum.

Such declarations may go on for several pages. You will want to include the following information:

Your name; birth date and birth place; citizenship; ethnicity; tribal or clan affiliation.
Your parents’ names and address; number of siblings and their location.
Your spouse’s name and location; date and place of marriage; number of children.
Your background, schooling, and employment history.
Any political or religious involvement that you had.
A detailed explanation of everything that has happened that makes you afraid to return. Make sure to include specific dates, places, names, and witnesses. Explain how exactly you were harmed or threatened, and reasons for why you were harmed or threatened.
A detailed explanation of harm or threats that your family or friends suffered in your home country. Again, include dates, places, names, witnesses, and how and why they were harmed or threatened.
What you think will happen to you if you have to go back to your home country, and why.
Why you cannot move to a different part of your home country to be safe.

At the end of your declaration, write: “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the foregoing is true and correct.” Then sign the declaration and date it.