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Submit your document to Embassy for visa with required process duly filled-up. We deliver translation on plain page or letterhead as required, attach source document, put ‘Service No.’ with translator & notary seal & attestation. Ministry, Court attestation are also done. We deliver a complete package ready for the Embassy

List of documents for translation English to Bangla

Document list (knowledge-based)
Government documents: Ministry Circular, SRO, Gazette, GO
Company related: Memorandum, MoA, AoA, Bylaws, Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Assessment
Printing and publication related: Book, literature, newspaper, magazine, service rules, SOP, MSDS
Document list (non-format)
Land related: Sale deed summary/complete, Mutation, Khatian, DCR, Land/Holding Tax
Legal documents: Decree, Judgment, Affidavit, Agreement, Power of Attorney, House Rent, Contract Sale, Partnership Deed, Business Agreement
Document list (format)
Academic/educational papers: Marks Sheet, Certificate, Admit Card
Government documents: Birth/Death Certificate, National ID Card
Civil documents: Nikah Nama, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Notice, Succession Certificate
Business documents: Trade License, Tin Certificate, VAT Certificate, IRC, ERC, Income Tax Return

Official document translation service for student/visit/immigration visa purpose

Translation is printed on plain white page or iLanguage Translation Dhaka letterhead, as required.
Source document is attached to the translation document.
Information seal like “Service No. / Seen Original / Seen Photocopy” is marked.
Translator signs and seals.
Notary Public attests the translated document.
Other necessities like Ministry, Court attestation are done as the Assistance service.
A complete document packaged and ready to be submitted to the official.

We are also providing official document translation service on the followings:

  1. Drafting of all kinds of Deed and Agreement.
  2. Drafting of Name change/correction Affidavit.
  3. Drafting of Deed of Partnership.
  4. Drafting of House Rent Agreement.
  5. Drafting of Sponsorship Deed/Agreement.
  6. Drafting of Joint Venture Agreement.
  7. Drafting of AoA & M oA for limited company.
  8. Trade LIcence.
  9. Drafting of Sale Deed.
  10. Land Mutation.
  11. Assets Valuation
  12. All other Legal Issues

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