Translation services

  • Translation service for book, govt document & printing material
  • Translation service for embassy & visa purpose
  • Translation service for webpage (Website translation)

Transcription services

  • Transcription and voiceover service from audio
  • Transcription and voiceover service from video
  • Transcription and voiceover service from podcast
  • Transcription and voiceover service from interview

Attestation services

  • Notary Public attestation
  • Education Board attestation
  • Ministry of Education attestation
  • Ministry of Law attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MoFA attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • Chamber of Commerce attestation

Translate document for visa purpose 

Translation service sample page
  • Translation (Bengali to Spanish here) is done and printed on our company letterhead
  • Source document is attached beneath the translation
  • Our Service Number & seal is given in case the Embassy makes an inquiry
  • Translator puts his seal & signature
  • Notary public puts his seal & signature (if required)
  • Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • Ministry of Commerce attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • Ministry of Commerce attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • We also help attestation from other Ministry, Court, Embassy & related offices/departments
  • Genuine/authentic translation and attestation/legalization service

Multiple language

  1. English
  2. Bengali
  3. Arabic
  4. Chinese
  5. Czech
  6. Dutch
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Greek
  10. Hindi
  11. Indonesian
  12. Italian
  13. Japanese
  14. Korean
  15. Latin
  16. Malay
  17. Burmese
  18. Persian
  19. Polish
  20. Portuguese
  21. Russian
  22. Spanish
  23. Swedish
  24. Thai
  25. Turkish
  26. Ukrainian
  27. Urdu
  28. Other languages

Variety of subjects

  • Book
  • Literature
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Specialized document
  • Govt document
  • S.R.O
  • Notification
  • Gazette
  • Acts/Laws
  • MSDS
  • Memorandum/Bylaw
  • Marketing booklet
  • Service rule
  • Machinery handbook
  • Pharmaceutical literature

Kind of documents we translate

  • Family document translation
    • Nikah Nama, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Notice, Succession Certificate, Relationship Certificate, Family Certificate,Birth Certificate, Affidavit regarding Hindu Marriage, Succession Certificate, Deed of Will, Death Certificate etc, Domicile Paper
  • Land document translation
    • Deed Summary, Deed Details, Mutation, Khatian, Mutation Recommendation Proposal, DCR, Land Tax, Development Tax, Holding Tax, Conveyance Deed, Conditional Deed, Sale Deed, Agreement
  • Legal document translation
    • Decree and Judgement, Affidavit, Agreement, Power of Attorney
  • Educational document translation
    • All kinds of educational Marks Sheet, Certificate, Admit Card
  • Government document translation
    • Deed of house rent, contract for sale, partnership deed, business agreement, s.r.o notification, gazette notification, rules, acts, laws

Quality management 

  • Order planning. For each order, no matter how large or small, Project Manager uses a range of evaluation parameters to select the most appropriate translator and enters a record in an electronic calendar establishing a guaranteed date for delivery. PM then drafts order specifications developing tools through which he and the translator can interact to improve the productivity of translation and decrease the possibility of errors.
  • Translator selection. The best way to guarantee the excellent result and competitive price are, first and foremost, to choose the right translator for the right work. We focus on achieving both “quality and quantity”. We invest heavily for great translators.
  • Quality management. Generally, every order is checked for spelling and basic grammar. In addition, based on the plan selected, another translator reviews the entire project. More than 50% of orders are read by a Reviewer who assesses the work carried out and assigns a quality index to the translator’s work. To guarantee uniformity of style and terminology, if the order allows for it, the translator uses glossaries, online help and shared dictionaries.
  • Delivery. Project Manager directly handles to update the project status and deliver the translated document and invoicing. He provides client support. He works as the link between the Client and the Translator for entire pre-production, on-production and post-production phases of an order.
  • Customer satisfaction. We would like to hear back from customers. We have the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to find what customers have to say about us. Information from CSS helps us to constantly update, assess and fine-tune our Quality Assurance (QA).