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VoiceLSP provides proofreading and editing service in English and Bengali language.

If you’re looking for someone to improve the style and flow of your writing, you can take our proofreading service.

If you’re looking for someone to go through a text with a fine-tooth comb, you need to find our proofreader.

What our proofreader/editor does.

  • Rewrites sentences and paragraphs for flow
  • Makes the text clearer and more understandable
  • Uses specialized knowledge to clarify and improve the text
  • Goes beyond “spellcheck” to catch errors a computer might miss
  • Ensures zero grammatical errors, usually after a document has already been edited
  • Proofreads, with an added expertise in ensuring style consistency appropriate to a publication or organization
We’ve professional expert, others haven’t.

We work hard to ensure you’re happy with our proofing.
We’ve subject-matter experts.
We are able to pair documents with editors who have experience in the relevant academic discipline.

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