Services we provide

  • Translation service of book, printing material
  • Translation service for embassy and visa
  • Transcription and voice-over service from audio and video
  • Notary Public attestation
  • Education Board attestation
  • Ministry of Education attestation
  • Ministry of Law attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MoFA attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • Chamber of Commerce attestation

Our Clientele

Services Include

  • Professional translation service notably book & printing material translation
  • Acceptable visa & embassy related document translation
  • Valid notary public, ministry & embassy attestation & legalization
  • Content writing & developing
  • Transcription with translation
  • Asylum papers drafting & support for USA, UK, Canada & Europe

Reasons to choose us for translation?

  • Professional book & document translation service provider by some best translators in town & abroad
  • Skilled, experienced, educated & seasoned translators devoted to book & document translation services for over a decade now
  • Unquestionable credibility of producing high-end content writing & translation with target people in mind
  • Decade-long experience on translating book, guide, manual, literature, research work, materials for printing purpose & visa and embassy related documents
  • Localization & proofreading included

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Translate your documents for submitting to Embassy for Visa purpose in proper manner 

Here you see a translation sample showing how we process official document translation service to suit your translation need for immigration, student, visit visa or embassy purpose

translation in dhaka
  • Translation (Bengali to Spanish here) is done and printed on our company letterhead
  • Source document is attached beneath the translation
  • Our Service Number & seal is given in case the Embassy makes an inquiry
  • Translator puts his seal & signature
  • Notary public puts his seal & signature (if required)
  • Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • Ministry of Commerce attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • Ministry of Commerce attestation seal & signature (if required)
  • We also help attestation from other Ministry, Court, Embassy & related offices/departments
  • Genuine/authentic translation and attestation/legalization service

Books & documents translated by our writers & translators for renowned organizations

You’re a writer & want your book translated. Our Bangla-English translation assuredly speaks closest of your imaginations. Contact us to translate book, guide, manual, literature, research work & materials for printing purpose. Try out!

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