• Translation service Bangla to English
    Translation service Bangla to English

Transcription is a written record of music or audio / video media; conversion of spoken words into writing.

  • Direct Translation from music or audio / video media.

We take audio / video file in your source language and transcribe it into words in the source language. There is no other language used in this process.

  • Transcription and Translation.

We take your audio / video file in a source language, and transcribe it into the original source language.
Afterwards, the written transcript is translated into English or other languages. You receive a two documents, one of each language.

  • Interpreting.

Your foreign language audio file is processed by an interpreter who produces an audio file in English. There is no written document included.

Rest assured that we never compromise our quality.
Send the audio / video media file to us. Your data is fully protected under our Data confidentiality policy.