Translation price

Many in need of translation ask for cost of translation. We make it EASY, SIMPLE, DIFFICULT (3 types) translation categories. Therefore, the cost of translation is not same for all document categories.

  • Type 3 DIFFICULT: Knowledge-based translation
  • Document type: Book, literature, non-traditional document, Technical, Medical, Specialized document, S.R.O, Notification, Gazette, Rules, Acts, Laws, MSDS, Memorandum, By-Law, Marketing booklet, Service rules, Machinery handbook, Pharmaceutical literature
  • Note: Highly difficult to translate that qualify, needed in-depth linguistic and cultural knowledge of both the languages in question
  • Purpose: Mostly for printing, publication, industrial use, personal

  • Type 2 SIMPLE: Non-Format translation
  • Document type: Sale deed, rental deed, Decree and Judgement, Affidavit, Agreement, Power of Attorney
  • Note: Such translation is not as easy as Type 1 but not much difficult to translate either
  • Purpose: Mostly for visa application

  • Type 1 EASY: Format translation
  • Document type: Trade license, birth registration, Mutation, Khatian, Mutation Recommendation Proposal, DCR, Land Tax, Development Tax, Holding Tax
  • Note: Such translation just needs to input some individual data in its predefined format
  • Purpose: Mostly for visa application

Please note that prices vary on the subject matter, linguistic complexity, table, graph, formatting work etc in the source document. Such work in the source document cannot always be maintained in the exact form. When we quote per-page pricing, it is usually quoted assuming an ideal page ie, A4-size page; Times New Roman / Arial font with 12/11 font size; 1.50″ or more page margins; 1.5 or more line spacing; Plain write-up without any table, figure or formatting work. An exact quotation can be given after checking the document.